The first season of Thomas Wooden/Trainz Series which the first ten episodes take place in 1981 and the rest of the episodes take place in 2014.

Episodes Edit

  1. Gunpowder and Explosives
  2. Saved by Diesels
  3. Lies
  4. Replacements and Extra Work
  5. Toby and the Cow
  6. Duck Takes Charge
  7. Rusty Past
  8. Arrivals
  9. Derek
  10. Thirty Year Grudge

Characters Edit

Voice Actors Edit

Donald9andDouglas10 as Narrator, Chase, Chocolate, Fergus, BoCo, Rusty, Smudger, S.C. Ruffey, Rickety, Rocky, Jack, Byron, Sir Topham Hatt, The Fat Director, and Mr. Percival

The Peel Godred Branch as Thomas and Percy

EpicThomasFan713 as Edward

CalicoBonEsterphon as Henry, Spencer, 'Arry, Rheneas, and Peter Sam

Edward Tear as Gordon and Diesel

DalekSlayer1 as James and Bill and Ben

SteamTeam as Toby, Bert, and Luke

TheTrainMan2015 as Duck, Norman, and Victor

Andrew Homer as Donald and Douglas

Tenshine1 as Flying Scotsman

ES as Lady, Daisy, Mavis, and Madge

Nick J as Bash and Sir Handel

HirotheJapaneseTrain as Dash

Rail Pony as Derek

Mallardfan62 as Splatter and Dodge

Ois894WR as Skarloey and Duke

LegoRailroader884 as Duncan

Jlouvier as Kelly and Kevin