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    • Look i know what i did was unacceptable.

      But i have changed.

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    • I'm sorry, but I lost all trust in you, I gave you a second chance in June, but you blew it.

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    • Well look i know you dont trust me with your own "soil" but i need someone to talk to.

      You dont have to be my friend or trust me but please dont block me.

      And NO!!!

      Im not after your "personal info" that is for you to know and for me to NEVER know.

      Besides im not interested in "Your OC" anymore its just that you seem like a really cool guy and please dont block me.

      You are the nicest guy in the world.

      I thought you were horrible once but then i reallised you only are not very nice if people anger you enough like i did.

      But i have been busy with other things.

      Look i did you a favour by thanking you for answering my 1st question. (& a little something i will say about that my friend LOVES Seth Rogen more than anyone else in the world.)

      I know that you are the most nicest person in the whole world.

      Becides Gerome still trusts me so does Game Geek and so does NorthWesternRailwayProductions and so does FfarquharEngine.

      I trust you more than i do them i mean or meen (forgive me for my horrible spelling i could never know wich is wich) you seem like a really cool guy.

      I mean i made myself in June look like total "Soil" but im more mature.

      Also i saw your actual address on Ebay.

      Now that is something i kept my mouth shut on.

      Anything you wanna say to all this?

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    • I mean or meen (sorry) if you give me a little bit too much trust i abuse it just like i did.

      Now i know what my parents mean or meen by having to EARN trust.

      And you are a nice guy.

      I mean or meen we could talk about stuff that not related to Thomas and Friends.

      I didnt deserve any friends in that community and i didnt deserve......................................................................................

      Well just about anything.

      I mean or meen i didnt deserve friends,Themes, Trainz content or ANYTHING!!!

      I mean or meen im just a monster.

      Im useless at making friends.

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    • Tornado look (sighs) do you know why we don't trust you, you really want to know the resins why we had to write the report to police, you stalked WildNorWester's wife, and other people including almost all the TTTE community, and you also hacked and betrayed your best friend Jerome, look I am only going to say this you can't go around asking people for private Trainz models and all but you see the resins we didn't give you them was simple because otherwise you would have them in wrong hands,

      I also had to write what you did on a wiki site on a page all the victims you bullied and also those who survived, I survived because you had sympathy for me so did Kanefan701, EnterprisingEngine93, and T1E2H3 did, you know if I had been a livestreamer I would have scolded you Tornado, forreal I am not lying, but George you can't change who you are what's done is done the past is the past and you cannot change what you did, but I think you maybe the one who has stolen my identification maybe your ColbyJames2 who stalked me on The Mighty B! Wiki or maybe your The Almighty Yhwach who did this to me that explain you found my channel,

      Anyway sorry for this reply Donald9andDouglas10 anyway I was scolding the boy telling him off just trying to protect you Donald9andDouglas10 from what he did, :D

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    • Well you don't have what I have what d9&d10 would LOVE to own........ And that will soon be the ORIGINAL film of the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy. Yes I sent a letter to George Lucas asking for them and I will see if I get them. So there is 1 for you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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